Total lab automation

As a leading supplier of cost and labor-saving technology, Roche plays a critical role in supporting effective medical decision-making and improving efficiency in increasingly pressurized healthcare environments.


Laboratory automation enables healthcare professionals to simplify operations

The challenge

Increasing cost pressures in healthcare are forcing laboratories to do everything they can to enhance efficiency and reduce expenses.

As a result, laboratory automation, with integrated robotics and IT solutions, is becoming a crucial way to simplify operations – both reducing manual reliance and maximizing patient safety.

Roche continues to expand its workflow automation and IT portfolio to help customers meet the challenges of heightened regulation and increasing volumes of laboratory data.

The company’s workflow optimization line-up now caters for every customer segment, from small to large laboratories and all hospital point-of-care settings.

Workflow solutions

The cobas® 8100 automated workflow solution is Roche’s latest development which enables totally automated lab workflows. Unveiled at the EuroMedLab conference in Milan, Italy in May 2013, it is the result of 35 years of partnership between Roche and Hitachi High Technologies.

The cobas 8100, combined with Roche’s cobas IT solutions, gives laboratories full and transparent control over their operational and clinical processes - whether at single or multisite operations.

It can easily be integrated with Roche’s existing cobas analyzers and its flexible, modular design allows labs to expand their systems over time as demand increases.


The cobas 8100 is Roche’s latest advance of managing laboratory processes fully automated