The value of diagnostics workflow automation and IT


Anticipating the future on how to manage the clinical laboratory

Increasing cost pressure in the public health sector is forcing laboratories to reduce their expenses and increase efficiency. At the same time labs are facing difficulties in recruiting manpower. Lab automation, including robotics and information technology is increasingly becoming critical in simplifying operations and reducing manual handling.

With solutions for lab testing, automation and information management, Roche enables laboratory managers to better handle these requirements. As the company combines leading Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics under one roof, an unrestricted exchange of know-how and innovation allows for a fast development of integral diagnostic solutions that respond to today’s unmet medical need.
The smooth integration of the cobas® 8100 into the laboratory instrument setting of cobas 6000 and cobas 8000 analyzers comprises Roche’s industry leading testing portfolio. Healthcare professionals do not only benefit from autonomous workflow management but also from on-demand access to the Elecsys® high quality assays.

Improved benefit at emergency testing

In situations of emergency testing, STAT priority of blood samples needs to be reliably ensured throughout the pre-analytical and analytical process. Rapid diagnosis of heart attack for example is one of the most challenging problems facing doctors in hospital emergency departments. A heart attack requires immediate intervention like heart catheterization or coronary bypass surgery. Rule-in as much as rule-out of acute myocardial infarction significantly determines patient management and consequent outcome.

At this point, the cobas 8100 ensures direct access for on-demand STAT testing in combination with cobas analyzers and the Elecsys® Troponin T test from Roche. With support of intelligent robotics, samples get automatically prepared and transported to the analytics for immediate or deferred testing.

Laboratory managers increase their productivity and eliminate potential errors caused by manual processing while large numbers of blood tests get reliably processed. The cobas 8100 automated workflow series now reliably manages numerous routine tasks that would have required manual handling.

IT solutions from Roche

Handling the volume of data generated by high-throughput systems also means, being able to control the testing environment in the most automated way and informing the users only when deviations occur. 

Although Roche is well known for the development of medicines, diagnostic instruments and tests, the company also has significant experience in developing IT with over 4000 cobas IT solutions installed worldwide and continues to be committed to information technology.

The cobas IT solution extends the sample tracking beyond the cobas 8100 and across multiple sites, instruments and disciplines to monitor requests from registration to delivery of results. Through its innovative design, the users can focus on urgent tasks with the right information delivered instead of being overwhelmed with data.

Process automation enables effective use of resources, improves quality by driving efficient workflows and reduces manual steps. By increasing availability, transparency and the quality of information technology it improves medical decision process. In this respect IT solutions clearly improve medical outcomes and lower overall laboratory expenses, achieving higher productivity of the routine work.