Roche Diagnostics


In-vitro diagnostics help doctors detect and diagnose diseases and to select appropriate therapies

As the world’s largest biopharmaceutical company and the number one supplier of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), Roche has brought many highly effective drugs to the market, including the industry’s leading portfolio of cancer medicines. With a number of world-first and innovative offerings for the early diagnosis and drug response monitoring Roche Diagnostics is the group’s innovation engine, translating Roche’s understanding of developing new therapies and applications that save or significantly enhance patients’ lives.

Performed in a laboratory or at the Point of Care on blood, tissue or other patient samples, IVDs are a critical source of objective information helping doctors detect and diagnose diseases, select appropriate treatments and monitor patient response to care. In addition, scientists use the Division’s research products to gain a better understanding of the causes of disease and to discover new treatments. Roche Diagnostics serves customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum – from hospitals and commercial medical labs to physicians and patients with conditions requiring them to self-test as well as the medical research institutions.


Personalized Healthcare is a key enabler for improved patient treatment

Making healthcare personal

Understanding patient differences and differing responses to a medicine is fundamental to learn how to treat disease at the right time and with the right medicine. Personalised Healthcare (PHC) means targeting treatment to specific groups of patients who will respond best to those medicines. Rather than a ‘one-size-fits all’ model, it is a tailored approach that incorporates the reality that people are different and so are the diseases that affect them.

HC does not mean a specific medicine for every individual patient. It does mean that treatment will increasingly be tailored to specific patient sub-groups who share similarities, either in their genetic make-up or in the molecular nature of their disease. We see PHC as a key enabler to increase the efficacy and success rate in drug and diagnostic test development, and in bringing more clinically differentiated therapies to patients. This has enormous potential to make healthcare better, safer and more effective for patients, physicians, payers, and society at large.


The immunotesting portfolio from Roche comprises more than a hundred different tests

Growth driving business area Professional Diagnostics

Roche Professional Diagnostics (RPD), headquartered in Rotkreuz/Switzerland, is the largest Business Area of Roche Diagnostics and a leading supplier of solutions, instrument systems, tests, software and services that help laboratories deliver reliable results more efficiently and cost-effectively. RPD is also strengthening its position as a leader in the growing market for point-of-care testing products to support clinical decision-making in doctors’ offices, emergency rooms and other primary and specialty care settings. Furthermore, RPD develops laboratory information, workflow and data management solutions as well as connectivity components to maximize a laboratory’s efficiency. In 2013 Roche had a 19.7% share of a growing (+4.3% in local currency) global IVD market worth 48.4 billion CHF.1

The primary growth driver of Roche Professional Diagnostics is the immunoassay business. Roche Diagnostics enjoys competitive advantage from its expanding menu of over 100 different tests, the broadest in the industry for a consolidated instrument series.

In 2014, the Diagnostics Division sales continued to increase at 6% to 10.8 billion CHF. Sales growth across the Diagnostics Division was driven by demand in the Asia-Pacific region (+15%), with a strong performance in China (+23%). Sales also increased in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA; +4%). Additional contributions came from North America (+4%) and Latin America (13%). Professional Diagnostics, with 8% sales growth, was the main growth contributor led by its immunodiagnostics business and outperformed the market in all regions.


1) Roche Professional Diagnostics market and competitive intelligence estimates based on Boston Biomedical Consultants input, state of May 2014