• cobas® products and solutions

    Combining technical
    competence with
    therapeutic insights


Clinical- & Immunochemistry Analyzers

cobas® systems provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency for laboratories of every size and every growth stage, now and in the future.

Clinical- & Immunochemistry

With a broad assay menu and high quality reagents, Roche continues to set the standards in immunochemistry and clinical chemistry testing.

Laboratory Automation and
IT Solutions

Personalized lab automation and scalable IT solutions developed by Roche that simplify operations, reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency and quality.


Point of Care Testing

POC instrument and IT solutions delivering quick, accurate and reliable results for critical- and primary-care clinicians and for patients self-monitoring coagulation.

Urinalysis Testing

Building on 50 years of experience, Roche offers a range of urinalysis products, from single-use strips to semi- and fully-automatic systems.

Coagulation Testing

The new cobas coagulation analyzers from Roche deliver processing power, workflow dynamics, and walk-away reagent management. We answer your need for greater efficiency, improved workflow, and reliable results. Empowering you to achieve best outcome for your patients.


Hematology Testing

Through innovation with the Bloodhound® technology, integration of a standardized process, and information from a single drop of blood, Roche Diagnostics strive to deliver the highest medical value and improved workflow efficiency in hematology testing.

Molecular Diagnostics

Advanced solutions in Virology, Women’s Health, Oncology, Microbiology and Genomics for commercial and hospital labs plus innovative screening products for bloodbanks.

Hemostasis Testing

Roche platelet function testing combines innovation with proven medical and diagnostic expertise to set new standards.