cobas® 6000 analyzer series

The success story continues

  • A serum work area solution designed for 250,000 to 2,5 million tests/year or 250 to 2,000 samples per day with multiple configurations
  • Offers tailormade solutions for clinical chemistry and immunochemistry testing in medium workload laboratories
  • System consists of two core analytical units which can be configured in seven different ways to meet the needs of every laboratory
  • More than 10,000 active systems installed world wide

cobas 6000 - The success story continues


The cobas 6000 analyzer series offers new dimensions in increased efficiency, quality of results, maximum uptime and optimized workflow:

Intelligent sample workflow

  • Up to 340 immunoassay tests per hour and up to 2,000 clinical chemistry tests per hour depending on configurations
  • Combines STAT and routine testing without disruption

Unique reagent concept 

  • No preparation or mixing required
  • Economic usage with high stabilities and convenient kit sizes

First class performance

  • State-of-the-art immunoassay testing using ElectroChemiLuminescence (ECL) technology
  • Sample and result integrity deliver high quality results (e.g. test-specific serum indices, disposable immunoassay tips and cups, and clot detection)

Professional management of lab processes:

  • Wide range of complete pre and post-analytical solutions from small Task Target Automated to Total Lab Automation

cobas 6000 analyzer series - the most successful Serum Work Area instrument from Roche worldwide 

Combining expertise with decades of experience

The cobas 6000 delivers a range of benefits to help you stay ahead in a competitive environment:

Increased efficiency

  • Perfect fit of throughput and reagent channels achieved over seven different configurations
  • Consolidation of 98% of the serum work area testing on a single tube
  • Simplified lab processes and reduced costs

Quality of results

  • Results you can trust that are right the first time
  • Predictable turnaround time
  • Peace of mind

Maximum uptime

  • Highly reliable system based on more than 35 years of experience
  • Proactive automated maintenance for over 96% uptime including maintenance on a 24/7 basis
  • Superior support provided by Roche organizations worldwide

Optimized workflow

  • Wide range of pre- and post-analytical solutions and complete IT solutions

A multicenter evaluation demonstrates the seamless integration of 9 minute STAT applications on cobas® 6000 analyzer series in Henri Mondor Hospital, France and Massachusetts General Hospital, USA.

cobas® 6000 analyzer series: proven efficiency gains and cost savings. An independent site evaluation at Fairview Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA