cobas c 513 analyzer

Setting a new precedent in HbA1c lab efficiency

- Dedicated high throughput HbA1c analyzer designed to meet efficiency, throughput and accuracy needs for HbA1c laboratory testing

- Fully automated and highly efficient workflow by delivering up to 400 patient results per hour

- Doubles the throughput of the INTEGRA 800 with the same footprint

-  Minimized operator intervention from sample registration to result delivery

- Closed tube sampling function to deliver maximum safety to the operator

- Standardized according to IFCC transferable to DCCT/NGSP

- Roche’s Tina-quant HbA1c assay delivers risk identification, diagnosis and monitors the level of HbA1c 


Right throughput

• High throughput of up to 400 HbA1c patient results/hour

Right performance

• Excellent assay performance 

• Standardized according to IFCC transferable to DCCT/NGSP 

• Not affected by common Hb variants 

Hb variants

• Robust to sample sedimentation

• One reagent for diagnosis and monitoring

Right workflow

• High test capacity on board: 14,000 determinations

• Ready to use reagents

• Closed tube sampling (CTS)

• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labeled reagent cassettes

• Direct result reporting

Right technology

• Proven and trusted cobas technology

• cobas® link for remote service 


- Up to 400 HbA1c patient results/hour


- Perfect fit of throughput and test capacity on board (14,000 requests on board)

- Ready to use cobas c pack large 

- Direct result reporting (in IFCC and NGSP units)

- Maximum operator safety through CTS

- Proven and trusted cobas technology

- Scalable according to your workload


- Reliable and consistent results 

- No need for sample pre-mixing