Elecsys® NT-proBNP

Improving the diagnosis and stratification of cardiovascular disease

  • Heart failure (HF) is a global health problem associated with high morbidity and mortality
  • Detection in its early stages and appropriate treatment are key to improving quality of life
  • Patients with HF – especially with mild symptoms – are often not diagnosed
  • In addition many patients with suspicion of HF are unnecessarily referred to echocardiography
  • NT-proBNP is an innovative marker to improve clinical decisions, delivering accurate data to help ‘rule-out’, ‘rule-in’, risk-stratify or monitor patients
  • NT-proBNP - the inactive hormone - is more stable under a variety of conditions, provides a longer in vivo and in vitro half-life and offers more flexible test tube selection compared to BNP
Assay Time 9 min as STAT assay
Sample Material standard serum and heparin/EDTA plasma
Sample Volume 50 μL
Measuring Range 5 - 35,000 ng/L
Intermediate precision 2.9 - 6.1 %
Sample stability 3 days at room temperature and even longer on 4°C

Improving patient care with early and accurate diagnosis

Simplified testing process and improved efficiency

  • Inherent stability of NT-proBNP allows cardiac profile testing from one tube

Consistent correlation

  • Between all cobas immunoassay analyzers and POC devices

Fast diagnosis

  • In cases of dyspnoe; differentiation between cardiac or pulmonary causes

Early diagnosis of heart failure

  • Even in early stages without symptoms


  • NT-proBNP concentration correlates with the severity of disease

Strong prognosis

  • High predictive value in cardiology-risk patients

Improved therapy

  • Helps with evaluation of the clinical situation and optimization of therapy

Heart Failure: Acute Setting Rule In, Rule Out
NT-proBNP concentration aides in the differential diagnosis of dyspnic patients and is strongly predictive of short-term mortality.

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Heart Failure Monitoring and Guidance:

Newer studies have proven NT-proBNP can improve patient outcomes and decrease cost while maintaining safety.

Use of biomarkers to guide outpatient therapy of heart failure:

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