Elecsys® SCC


Elecsys SCC completes Roche's portfolio in lung cancer biomarkers to manage lung cancer patients together with the other blood-based Elecsys biomarkers CYFRA 21-1, NSE and ProGRP as well as with cobas EGFR and the full range of tissue-based immunohistochemistry tests from Roche. 


Elecsys SCC is another important part in Roche`s portfolio to manage cervical cancer patients together with cobas HPV and CINtec plus.

With Elecsys SCC a good discrimination between SCC of the uterine cervix and benign gynecological diseases is possible.

Assay Time 18 min
Sample Material Serum, plasma
Sample Volume 15 μL
LoQ 0.24 ng/mL
Measuring Range 0.1 - 70 ng/mL
  • Combining biomarkers in lung cancer (SCC antigen, CEA, CYFRA 21-1, ProGRP and NSE) in addition to imaging and histology, gives a clearer picture on the patient`s status.
  • SCC antigen as biomarker for cervical cancer is another tool in patient management together with other markers for gynecological malignancies (i.e. CA 125, HE4, CA 15-3, HPV, CINtec plus)
  • High assay precision for accurate and sustainable results for patient monitoring
  • One blood sample for all lung cancer biomarkers for time and cost efficiency
  • High reagent on-board stability
  • Short turn around time for fast results