cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer

cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer

cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer

Entering a new Era in Coagulation "Driven by commitment, powered by Roche"

Consistent with current Roche portfolios and driven by commitment to deliver customer focused, quality oriented and cost effective products, Roche is entering into a new era of testing solutions for coagulation laboratories.

The first member of our Lab coagulation series is the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer.

Covering the diverse needs of today’s coagulation labs, the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is ideally suited for maximum flexibility and efficiency. The cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is designed for the low to medium throughput laboratory.

  • Best-in-class reagent, sample and cuvette storage capacity means the analyzer is not only easy to use but also requires minimal interaction during daily use.
  • The cobas t 411 analyzer is designed with a unique set of enhanced safety features to ensure robust and high quality patient results, every time.
  • A host of other innovative features include automated, multi-vendor cap-piercing, maximized reagent utilization and integrated barcode scanning for samples and reagents.
  • The reagent menu includes PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time, Antithrombin and D-Dimer*.
  • User definable assays can be developed though open channel programming.

*available post launch


Cuvette compartment

  • 240 cuvettes
  • 4 channel cuvette racks
  • Continuous loading

Sample area

  • 100 samples on-board
  • Dedicated STAT port
  • Continuous loading via 5 position racks


  • Multi-vendor compatibility


  • Linux-based operating system
  • Comprehensive QC program including Levey-Jennings
  • Result traceability function
  • User-definable protocols

Reagent compartment

  • Up to 70 vials on-board capacity
  • Continuous rack-based loading with LED status indication
  • Extended Routine menu including AT and D-Dimer* 

Reading station

  • Slide in reading position
  • Comprehensive reagent management
  • 140 tests/hr (PT)
  • 100 tests/hr (mixed mode)
  • 4 position LED-measurement system with 405 nm and 620 nm
  • Unique opto-mechanical measuring principle
  • Clotting, chromogenic, immuno-turbidimetric assays 

* D-Dimer post launch

The cobas t 411 brings to the low throughput coagulation laboratory testing efficiencies that are typically offered in the mid and high volume laboratories.

Designed with the feedback of Coagulation Lab people and addressed to Coagulation Lab people.

Maximizing productivity and efficiency, the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer ensures optimization of workflow processes in the coagulation lab

Patient and operator safety are paramount


Serviceability by design, the cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer from Roche is built to, and supported by, exacting quality standards