cobas® infinity IT solutions




More powerful than you can imagine

  • Laboratory information solutions that go beyond workflow management of the core laboratory to include flow of information across various clinical disciplines
  • Modular architecture that works as either a middleware or adds Laboratory Information System (LIS) functionality depending on needs
  • Web-based system with the flexibility to grow with the laboratory
  • Consistent user interface for ease of use
  • Personalized work areas where you can tailor information for selected user types


cobas infinity IT solutions

Six modules that support integration and growth:

cobas infinity general lab module (General Lab)
Designed for core laboratory disciplines with personalized work areas offering specialized functionalities in Biochemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Serology and Urinalysis - includes Performance Dashboards for direct and clear monitoring of TAT.

cobas infinity lab flow module (Lab flow)
Dedicated sample workflow module for efficient testing across integrated solutions.

cobas infinity emergency lab module (Emergency lab)
Sub module of general lab focused on the management of emergency samples.

cobas infinity microbiology module (Microbiology)
Touch screen technology for ease of use and a paperless work environment.

cobas infinity lab link module (Lab link)
From ordering to results across wards, physician offices, collection centers and satellite labs

cobas infinity total quality management (Total quality management)
Maintain laboratory accreditation with document, audit, issue, indicator and equipment management – recording any issues and subsequent corrective actions

Powerful technology across all modules

  • Fully webbased
  • Modular architecture with comprehensive coverage of clinical disciplines
  • Intelligent rule engine
  • Consistent look and feel across all user interfaces
  • Multi-site networks
  • Real-time performance monitoring on Dashboard
  • Complete track and trace of patient results and sample tubes
  • Designed to support mobility

cobas infinity IT solutions poster

Responding to evolving needs of clinical laboratories

cobas® infinity IT solutions deliver benefits in a number of key areas:

Simplicity - see what is needed

  • Consistent look and feel across all user interfaces for ease of use and better communication throughout laboratories
  • Personalized work areas that can be tailored for specific users to enhance efficiency and streamline routine processes 
  • Web-based technology makes maintenance easier and keeps the laboratory running smoothly

Flexibility for growth - see what is possible

  • Modular architecture underpins a scalable solution to meet current and future needs
  • Supports a wide range of laboratory disciplines with potential to expand from single-site to multi-site networks

Confidence in performance - see what is important

  • Dashboard shows real-time performance of the laboratory 
  • Consistent approach with intelligent rule engine supports quality control in the laboratory

Customer Testimonial Uruguay

cobas® infinity IT solution can bring to laboratories various benefits in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity. Dr. Marcos Vivas tells us about cobas® infinity, in combination with a Roche total lab solution, making the difference in his laboratory at Asociación Española in Uruguay.

Idime, Colombia and Roche

cobas® infinity IT solutions bringing standardization and greater efficiency to lab processes at Idime, Colombia