cobas p 312 pre-analytical system

Compact automation for maximum efficiency

cobas p 312 pre-analytical system front view

cobas p 312 pre-analytical system, front view

  • cobas p 312 pre-analytical is a standalone solution offering maximum efficiency with minimal space requirements. In less than 1 m2, cobas p 312 can be used for decapping, sorting and archiving IVD test tubes
  • May be used to automate and simplify processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks. This compact standalone solution is validated for cross-contamination compliance

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  • Throughput of up to 450 tubes per hour
  • Small footprint of less than 1m2
  • May be used to automate and simplify processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks
cobas p 312 input output area

Flexible and freely definable input/output sorting area

  • Registration of samples
  • Loading capacity of up to 600 tubes
  • Parallel processing of most of the established hematology, coagulation, serum, plasma and urine tubes
  • Continuous loading of sample tubes during routine operation
  • Freely configurable input and output areas of drawers:
    - Sorting out of centrifuge buckets
    - Sorting into and out of analyzer racks
    - Sorting into archive racks
  • Supports common Roche, STAGO, Sysmex and non-Roche sample carriers 
  • Barcode reading and target dependent barcode alignment in a “good to read” position
  • Random access to drawers and samples
  • Archiving (recursive workflow)
cobas p 312 small footprint

Decapping unit

  • Decapping of different tube types (various closure types and tube dimensions) in mixed mode
  • No pre-sorting needed
  • Supports selective decapping according to individually configured rules

Efficiency, simplicity and security for the modern laboratory

The cobas p 312 pre-analytical system offers benefits in a number of areas:

Compact – small footprint, lots of power

cobas p 312 pre-analytical system is a standalone solution offering maximum efficiency at a minimal space requirement = 1m2

  • High throughput of 450 samples/hour
  • Sample registration
  • Decapping
  • Sorting
  • Archiving

Flexible – convenient single point of entry

Through convenient sample loading, the cobas p 312 is the ideal single point of entry for reduced complexity. There is no need to pre-sort sample tubes prior to loading them in the input area.

cobas p 312 can simultaneously process:

  • different tube types
  • different tube heighs
  • different tube diameters


Safe – Validated for cross-contamination compliance

The cobas p 312 is validated for both serology and molecular diagnostics testing.

Effortless – Traceability and control of lab processes

Standardization of laboratory process is key for fast and consistent results, while reducing errors.

cobas p 312 input output area

Although the haematology laboratory operates separately to the clinical chemistry lab, the success of cobas p 312 has resulted in a gradual evolution so that samples for both specialities are sorted by the one machine.

DMS Laboratory Burnier - Valinhos, Brazil

Pre-analytics has become a critical function of the busy laboratory for this reason, and Roche is leading the way in innovative solutions that can make a significant difference to laboratory workflows, processes and practices. At the forefront of this is the cobas p 312, a machine that has transformed the capabilities of one very large laboratory in this vibrant city.

Laboratory Salomao Zoppi Diagnostics - Sao Paulo, Brasil

The continuous loading of samples to cobas p 312 pre-analytical system allows uninterrupted workflow. In addition, the small footprint of the system maximizes the flexibility of placement.

Worflow management through intelligent automation - National Blood Centre, Bangkok, Thailand