cobas p 512 pre-analytical system

Adapting to today’s needs - Flexible for tomorrow’s demand

  • Fully automated pre-analytical solution for high throughput laboratories
  • Processing up to 1400 samples/hour
  • Extensive sample quality inspection for error reduction and maximum efficiency
  • Validated for cross-contamination compliance, can therefore be used for automating and simplifying processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks
cobas p 512 pre-analytical system with connected single centrifuge (cobas p 471) and Bulk loader module (BLM) front view

cobas p 512 pre-analytical system with connected single centrifuge (cobas p 471) and Bulk loader module (BLM)


The cobas p 512 provides the following features:

  • Freely definable input and output sorting areas
  • Connection to a bulk loader
  • Connection to single or double centrifuge
  • Handling of Roche and non-Roche racks and centrifuge buckets
  • Throughput up to 1,400 samples/hour
  • Registration of primary samples
  • Orientation of barcode in a “good-to-read” position
  • Selective decapping of sample tubes
  • Sorting of tubes directly into analyzers target racks
  • Archiving of processed samples with optional recapping
  • Upgradeability to connected automation through cobas® connection modules (CCM)

Sample quality checks

  • Tube type identification
  • Liquid Level Detection and volume check
  • Sample quality check
  • Spin status detection: detects if blood samples have been already centrifuged or not
  • Early detection and sorting of tubes with errors and issues

Professional management of laboratory

The cobas p 512 pre-analytical system offers benefits in a number of areas:

The best answer to face emerging challenges in laboratory operations.

  • Upgradable to connected automation
  • Easy to add functionalities
  • Comprehensive inspection of sample quality
  • Increased productivity in the same footprint

Designed for today and tomorrow, to keep you competitive in a changing environment  


cobas p 512 is designed for laboratories that require high productivity. It delivers speed without compromising space and safety. 

Throughput of up to 1400 samples/hour.

Quality comes first

Quality check via optical camera

Quality check via optical camera

cobas p 512 performs comprehensive inspection of samples at an early stage, maximizing workflow efficiency.

  • Sample quality check via a high resolution optical camera which enables detection of normal, hemolytic, lipemic and icteric samples. Samples with inadequate quality for analytical processing will not continue their path

Laser Liquid Level Detection

  • Automated spin status detection: CCM detects whether blood samples have been centrifuged or not. Spin status enables a greater workflow efficiency, preventing unspun samples from being tested. Measurements are made via laser through 3 barcode labels
  • Tube type identification allows you to cross check the tube type and its cap color and barcode information to detect possible errors
  • Laser Liquid Level Detection allow you to detect samples volume in ml through 3 barcode labels. Samples that don’t have an open window are not missed (prioritized process of samples/aliquots based on available volume)

This early decision stops inadequate samples for analytical processing to continue their path, reducing workload and no reagents are wasted. Overall, if a sample has an error or issue, you can act in an early stage ensuring the shortest time to results and consistency.

Single point of entry for convenient sample loading

cobas p 512 is the ideal single point of entry for reduced complexity.
No need to pre-sort sample tubes prior to loading.
Optional bulk loading - Bulk loader module can be connected to a single centrifuge, cobas p 471, or to the pre-analytical system.

Recognized Safety

  • Validated for cross-contamination compliance
  • May be used for automating and simplifying processes in clinical laboratories and blood banks

Swiss Red Cross and Roche Diagnostics

Blood banks have a crucial role in the safety of the blood supply, ensuring that donated blood is screened in a timely manner and is safe for use. The Swiss Red Cross in Bern together with Roche Diagnostics built a laboratory counting with cobas® 8800 new generation of molecular