Point of Care Testing

“POC instrument and IT solutions delivering quick, accurate and reliable results for critical- and primary-care clinicians and for patients self-monitoring coagulation.“

Urinalysis Systems & Tests

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 Blood gas and electrolytes

cobas b 121 system

  • Low to mid volume BG/E system for the Lab
  • Cost effective solution for most critical key parameters

The benchtop analyzer which measures 10 key critical care blood gas and electrolyte parameters.

cobas b 221 system

  • High throughput BG/E system for the Lab or POC settings
  • Broad Parameter Panel

The quick and reliable blood gas and electrolyte analyzer which measures 18 key critical care parameters.

cobas b 123 POC system

  • Easy to use, cartridge-based BG/E system for POC settings
  • No preventative maintenance

The mobile, cartridge-based, critical care analyzer designed for point-of-care testing

 POC Metabolic disease testing

cobas b 101 POC system

  • Combined HbA1c and lipid panel testing
  • POC system for Healthcare professionals

An IVD test system offering HbA1c and a complete lipid profile (CHOL, HDL, LDL, TG) on one device at the point of care.

Accu-Chek® Inform II system

  • Wireless glucose system
  • For the professional environment

The user-friendly hand-held system for point-of-care glucose testing and monitoring in hospitals

Accutrend® Plus system

  • 3 key parametersto detect cardiovascular diseases
  • POC device for healthcare professionals

The flexible hand-held device for the key parameters used to detect cardiovascular disease – for healthcare professionals and patients.

 POC Cardiac testing

cobas h 232 POC system

  • Cardiac markers in 12 minutes
  • Standardized results with central lab

Use for rapid and easy determination of cardiac biomarkers such as Troponin T, NT-proBNP, D-dimer, CK-MB and myoglobin.

Roche CARDIAC Trop T Sensitive test (visual)

  • Ready-to-use visual test
  • Rapid on-the-spot diagnosis of AMI

A Visual Trop T Sensitive test, which requires no system for the rapid diagnosis of myocardial infarction.

 POC Coagulation monitoring

CoaguChek for healthcare professionals

  • CoaguChek Pro II system
  • CoaguChek XS Pro system
  • CoaguChek XS Plus system
  • CoaguChek XS system

CoaguChek for patients

  • CoaguChek INRange system

 Kidney, liver and vascular system disorders testing /  POC IT solution

Reflotron® Plus, Sprint system

  • Single test clinical chemistry system
  • For primary care settings

The single-test strip clinical chemistry system which measures 17 parameters from wholeblood, plasma or serum.

cobas® POC IT solution

  • Complete decentralized testing control
  • Real time visibility and control of all POC devices

For a comprehensive management of the POC program at the hospital and primary care centers.

cobas® infinity POC mobile

cobas® infinity POC mobile is designed to help POC Coordinators (POCCs) complete key tasks whilst on the go.

cobas® infinity POC tablet

cobas® infinity POC tablet is designed to help POC Coordinators (POCCs) complete key tasks whilst on the go.