Accutrend® Plus system

Accutrend Plus system

Easy screening of cardiovascular risk factors and lactate levels

  • Flexible, cost-effective hand-held point-of-care device with the following key parameters:

    - Total cholesterol
    - Triglycerides
    - Glucose
    - Lactate

  • Designed for use in the physician’s office and all healthcare settings
  • Provides rapid, yet accurate results from a small quantity of capillary blood

  • Convenient testing of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and lactate using capillary blood
  • Positive control strip and parameter recognition are used for calibration
  • Test strips can be stored at room temperature
  • Can store up to 100 different measurements with date, time and flags
  • Detailed precision and accuracy across the measuring range
Test mg/dL mmol/L Measuring time Sample material Sample Volumes Operating conditions
12 sec
Capillary blood 15–50 µ L
18° – 35°C
180 sec
Capillary blood 15–40 µ L
18° – 35°C
max. 174 sec
Capillary blood 10–40 µ L
18° – 30°C
0.8–22 mmol/L

60 sec
Capillary blood 15–50 µ L
5° – 35°C or
15° – 35°C *

* depending on concentration of analyte

Cost-effective, all-in-one device for rapid, reliable and accurate screening

On the spot results

  • Point-of-care lipid testing can substantially improve recognition and management of dyslipidemic patients in primary care
  • Make immediate recommendations regarding lifestyle or treatment, leading to improved patient compliance and loyalty

Safety and reassurance

  • Built-in automatic performance testing and meter self-testing for reliable results

Ease of use

  • Simplicity makes device ideal for testing at the physician office or in hospital settings

Three simple steps, accurate results


Step One:
Switch the instrument on and insert a test strip. A flashing arrow tells you to open the device to apply the blood sample.


Step Two:
Use the lancing device, collect capillary blood and apply this directly onto the strip (alternatively, you can apply blood onto the test strip outside the device and then reinsert the strip).


Step Three:
Close the device and wait for your results. When the measurement is complete, values are displayed and high or low values indicated.