cobas® infinity POC tablet

cobas infinity POC tablet

cobas infinity POC tablet is an app for iOS and Android tablet devices. It is designed to help POC Coordinators (POCCs) manage their complete POC testing ­program whilst moving around. The app enables POC Coordinators to realise the full potential of working with a tablet, ­allowing them to become really efficient by; automating the coordination of competence and performance and supporting them to better manage complex job tasks.

The POCC can take their work with them into meetings, review quality control (QC) performance with nurses directly on the ward, record corrective and preventative actions or discuss the training status of ­users with the hospital’s education manager.

cobas® infinity POC tablet empowers the POCC, freeing them from their office and enabling them to:

  • save time managing devices
  • automate operator management
  • act on what’s important

cobas infinity POC tablet enables the POCC to efficiently manage their complete POC testing program by supporting the following workflows:

  • Quality control management
  • Documentation of QC corrective and preventative actions
  • Device replacement and relocation
  • Check device status
  • Adding and updating operators
  • Check and update operator training status
  • Export list of operators requiring training

Technical requirements:

  • cobas® IT1000 v2.07 or higher
  • Tablet device on hospital network
  • iOS 9 or higher
  • Android 4.3 or higher
  • (VPN for remote connection)


Simple, one-touch QC review with full information for every result.

Simple, one-touch QC review with full information for every result.


Go tablet - Move and Work



Automate Operator & Device ­Management

With cobas infinity POC tablet, a POC ­Coordinator can easily monitor operator and device status. Enabling them to quickly identify where they are needed for problem-solving.

Efficient Quality Control Management

Manage quality control results by exception. Rules can be configured so that the POC coordinator is alerted only to specific types of issues, enabling them to use their time more efficiently.

The QC review concept has been designed specifically for POC coordinators to utilize the full potential of the tablet experience. With one click on the interactive QC chart all result-related information is presented for review, and troubleshooting becomes much easier.

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